I've watched just about everyone I've ever met feel like they aren't the best version of themselves at some point in their life. And I can tell you this: that doesn't have to be a permanent feeling you live with. You can change how you feel, and live life to the fullest.

The first step is understanding that you are  the agent of change. No more "it is what it is."

I'm here to help you be the best you.

I'm Catherine O'Brien, Mindset coach.

I'm proof of what I preach.

My story

A few years ago we all had the collective experience of The Pandemic.  We have our own war stories and ways of coping. As a wife and a mother of two, I was often holding down the fort, educating my children and getting creative. AND LOSING MY MIND.  What I realized coming out of this period was I have the opportunity to make a real positive change.  No more waiting for the right time to shift into the life I want.   
In the fall of 2020, I lost my dear father to a quick battle of cancer which solidified my need for living this life of mine and doing what I truly love.  

Shortly after dad passed, I gave up alcohol.  It was the first post lockdown move I made that wasn't serving me.  It was a big move in the right direction towards getting clear with my life.  
Being a mother and a wife was my definition.  I thought I was making time for myself.  But I kept falling short in feeling fulfilled.  I kept being pulled to coach others find their passion. 
Then I found Mindset Coaching Academy.  And here I am to show you the way to shifting into the life you deserve!!!

Get to know me a little bit.

Fun Facts.

The first fact about me.

I was a Spanish teacher in a former life.  I love working to develop people's strengths of all ages.  Teenagers are a sweet spot of mine, and so are their parents.  Often times I am here to bridge that gap for parents with their teens.

The second fact about me.

I have learned to trust myself and this is something I take great pride in.  I intrinsically love helping people discover their inner voice and to grow into themselves.  We are lucky to be here, so let's make it the best experience we can!

The third fact about me.

I am a certified coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapist as well as a certified  Hypnotherapist. I practice what I preach! Through the Academy, I worked with a cohort of coaches all of whom I practiced coaching and in turn coached me. I brought the embarrassing and the hard to admit "stuff" to the table and continue to practice it today.  

The fourth fact about me.

I'm not so secretly competitive. I love to play tennis, coach field hockey and watch my kids play sports.  I love my NY Giants and hold out hope for all of us!
Let's do this!

Once you take the first step, you'll never look back.

Recreate your life, how you want it to look.

It's time to get started.

Let's go!

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