Hi, I'm Catherine and am so happy you're here!  Have you ever thought: 'I'm so tired of this cycle I'm in and I don't know how to change it'? I have, and I'm so glad to have found ways to break them. 

Sometimes we have too many obstacles in our path to manifest what we want out of life. Mindset work and its practice is truly the key to unlocking our potential. Let's work out your goals and dreams together and make them your reality. 

Landing here was no accident, my friend. 

It's time for a shift, isn't it? 

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We all experience a point in our lives when we feel like we aren't the best versions of ourselves.  I help women rediscover their passions.  Perhaps you have children gaining more independence and you are left with wondering who you are.  Maybe you are stuck on a hamster wheel from the droning day to day of family life.  Doing the invisible work and living a lackluster existence. Let me show you how to change how you feel, and live a life with purpose on YOUR terms.

I'm here to help you shift into becoming your best self. Let's get your shine back!

Hi, I'm Catherine O'Brien & I'm a Mindset coach.

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How we can work together to achieve your goals in life:

This is a 90 minute session focusing on a particular goal.  It is a great way to jumpstart what you want out of coaching, in a concise manner.  You bring the presenting problem and we work through it. You will leave feeling clear on the steps needed to reach that goal.

Work with me to create lasting change.

The one & dOne:
A Subtle Shift

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Have you lost your shine? So many women in their 40's feel dull.  Burn out is real! This package is 1:1 coaching that is in depth sessions to uncover your habits of mind, values and effectively reach a place where you honor your intuition by fully hearing what you want and being able to act on it!

THe package deal:
This shift is For real

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    Both options include: 

  • hypnosis*. 
  • Available in person or Zoom
  • The Option for Mindset Dimensions report**

* The One & Done is a generalized hypnosis while The Package Deal, This Shift is for Real includes a personalized hypnosis
** Mindset Dimensions Report - an in depth reporting of your self awareness, behavioral patterns and belief structure.

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